Yankees Take Best Of 5 Knocking Out Cleveland

The Yankees and Indians were tied at two games apiece in the best-of-five 2017 ALDS game going into Wednesdays game. The Yankees took the game 5-2 and advance to the ALCS to face the Astros on Friday. The Yankees advanced to the ALDS with an 8-4 win over the Twins in the AL Wild Card Game…are 3-2 in their 53rd postseason in franchise history.

Q. Didi, Joe just told us he spoke with you guys before Game 3 and said, Just win one game. He also said he owned his mistake from Game 2. How meaningful do you think that meeting was, just to get things focused?

DIDI GREGORIUS: I mean, like you say, he talked to us for a little bit. Have a quick meeting. He admitted, like you say, he admitted to it. It just shows everybody is United. Everybody has accountability. That’s the best thing. If you made a mistake, you admit it. You pass it on. That’s in the past.

All he told us, Hey, let’s play one game at a time right now, and that’s all we can control right now. Whatever happened in the past happened in the past. We, as a team, we always have each other’s back.

Q. I know it’s about the team and that focus. I know you’re going to tell me that. But for you as a kid growing up, dreaming about playing in games like this, could you ever imagine a night like this for you and your team?

DIDI GREGORIUS: I mean, like you say, as a kid, we always want to play in a big situation. The first thing, you want to make it to the big leagues, watching everybody play in the big leagues, see all the players, awesome careers that they’re having. I wanted to be also a major league player when I was growing up. Then I worked for it.

Now that I’m here, being in this unbelievable, unbelievable organization, everything, all the history and everything that’s been here with the team, and guys are helping each other, backing each other up, everybody is protecting each other, it’s the best thing because everybody is together and the team is really united.

For me to be here with these guys is just unbelievable, amazing, young team that we’ve got.

Q. Didi, you hit two home runs tonight off Corey Kluber. What did you do in those at-bats? What pitches were you looking for? Take me through the two at-bats.

DIDI GREGORIUS: Not taking anything away from the possible Cy Young winner, but I’m always — when I’m going up to it, I’m always looking for a fastball. So I’m trying to stay ready for the fastball and off-speed pitches. If you see it in the first at-bat, he threw me a really nasty cutter, swing and miss.

Then after that, he tried to come in with another fastball with two strikes, and I ended up putting a really good swing on it. It put us up in the first inning.

Then my next at-bat, I was like if they threw me the nasty cutter the first pitch, I might swing. Then he threw it actually and I fouled it off. I said, all right, get back to fastball away, and then I think he threw me a curveball or slider or cutter inside again, and I ended up putting a good swing on it and it went out.

Q. Didi, you come in, you replace a guy named Derek Jeter. That had to be a tremendous amount of pressure on you. Can you talk about where you were then compared to having a night like tonight?

DIDI GREGORIUS: Well, question never gets old. To be honest, I mean, it was just after he played his long, successful career here in New York, I’m the guy to follow him up. It’s amazing for me to be in this organization and just being awesome with all these guys. Everybody’s here helping each other. I’m going to keep saying that so many times. If you guys get tired of it, let me know.

Everybody helps each other out here. Everybody wants each other to be good. I think that’s the motto since I got here, since ’15. First day, I was really comfortable with all these guys. I got a warm welcome from everybody. It just shows how together everybody is going to be.

So it was really amazing for me, after a couple years I’d had in the major leagues, playing with the Reds and the Diamondbacks, to be here, get traded over. It’s been an awesome run with all these guys.