Trevor Guthrie Releases Highly Anticipated Single

He is a man of mystery. Trevor Guthrie walked into the his publicist office before the interview on a sunny summer day wearing a new accessory; a cast. While many may know the former frontman of soulDecision as purely a musician, the bachelor is extremely handy. “I pretty much chopped off my finger with a grinder doing some renos at my place in Penticton, BC. I took the guard off and was distracted for a second and then it happened. It’s kind of embarrassing actually, I should know better than that.” Guthrie said with a chuckle.

While Canadians have been familiar with the Vancouver native for almost two-decades the world really only got to experience his musical genius over the last few years. The chart topping success started again for Guthrie a few years ago when he teamed up with Dutch music producer and DJ Armin van Buuren for the song ‘This Is What It Feels Like”.  “It’s been great” Guthrie said on the wild ride the single has taken him on. “We won a Juno and got a Grammy nomination. It was the #1 song in 31 countries and it allowed me to release my own new material. It’s allowed me to keep putting material out, and if you are smart about it you can make a career out of it.”

It has been almost 20 years since soulDecisions first album was released in Canada. It’s safe to say that the ‘Faded’ singer has in fact made a career of writing, singing and producing music. An industry he has seen drastically change each year. “ The internet wasn’t a big deal when I first started, especially for marketing. You would have a song, some posters a street campaign and videos. Now there are so many different platforms of social media to use you almost don’t need a record label. Obviously there are some advantages to having a record label and having them help push your music into their streamline. Even with touring we would go on a bus from show to show to show and now it seems you just get on a plane. If somebody wants you to do a show in Portugal you just get on a plane and do a show. It’s a different world.It’s still as hard as ever, if not harder.”

The 43-year-old isn’t a one hit wonder. He followed up the smash hit ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ with the captivating “Soundwave” and the infectious “Summertime”. In late July he is set to release another song that with his talents will no doubt make music lovers fall in love with his sound all over again. “I am really excited for it. It is another very personal song, but again I have made it very uplifting. ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ had a very depressing message but it was done in a fun/dance way, so this song has a similar kind of vibe.”


Trevor Guthrie has released a new single ‘Wanted’ available on itunes as well as Spotify.