The Rolling Stones Release New Tour Documentary

The Rolling Stones are arguably the greatest Rock & Roll band in history and were a part of historic concert in 2016. The Stones played in Havana, Cuba in early 2016 and it was documented in their new movie The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé! A Trip Across Latin America. The film follows The Stones on their 2016 tour of Latin America and the struggles of putting a concert in a country that has never seen a concert of Rolling Stones magnitude.

This film shows a lot of personal moments for the group as the tour South America and the goal of putting on the first concert in Cuba. What stood out the most to you about your tour?

Keith Richards (KR): It really is hard to pick one but I suppose I would pick Cuba. I pick Cuba because really it was the first time that anybody performed in Cuba. There were so many people who have never seen anything like it [laughs]. There were very nice people in Cuba and I just hope they don’t get corrupted by what is going on.

Ronnie Wood (RW): The actual fervor of the fans when they get to that fever pitch. It is encapsulated in Argentina and it’s hard to encapsulate that and they managed to do that with the fans in Argentina. That was my favourite part.

This isn’t your first rodeo with a documentary style concert film, have you got used to the fact that cameras are always following you around?

RW: At first we had to step back and think ‘hang on they are filming us’  [laughs] but then you have to get on with life.  It’s nice to have a good crew to work with because you forget that they are there and then it’s authentic because we forget they are filming us.

How good is your spanish after your tour?

KR: [laughs] um. Un poco espanol.

There are rumors swirling that you guys will be releasing a blue album, is this true?

RW: You’re going to love it! It is my favourite of what is happening in the near future for the Stones is the release of the blues album.  You’re going to love it, it is what the stones are a blues band.