TBT To The Time Chris Webber Recorded ‘Gangsta Gangsta’

March 16th, 1999 the music world changed. Well it didn’t but another NBA player released a rap album. This time it was 5x NBA All-Star Chris Webber who released it under his nickname C.Webb. 2 Much Drama was the title of the LP and featured artists like Redman and Kurupt.

For NBA players, his album actually did pretty well with the lead single “Gangsta, Gangsta” making it to the top ten on the Hot Rap Singles Chart. Dozens of players before and after Webber released music to much less fanfare (Let’s not forget Kobe Bryant’s horrible attempt).

Webber had an phenomenal NBA career playing 16 seasons but many don’t know about his album or that he also produced not one, but two records for Nas (“Surviving the Times” and “Blunt Ashes”)

Watch the epic video for ‘Gangsta Gangsta’