Saya Returns With Cold Fire

Saya has release the new music video Cold Fire. There’s a brutal honesty in Cold Fire; one that hasn’t been covered before by Saya. In previous video, Wet Dreams, there was a dark playfulness, a tongue-in-cheek sass that showed a less serious side of Saya’s complex character. Cold Fire is harder, more to the point.

“I wanted to do some sort of stripper scene, and have other woman in the video with me – but I wanted everyone to feel empowered by their role.”Saya explains about the video, “The other women in the video are also artists from Toronto. I’m beyond happy with the way the video came out and I am so thrilled to share everyone’s hard work with the world!”

Saya made a big impact last year, releasing 3 songs to huge critical acclaim, clocking up over 4 million streams on Spotify alone. Earlier this yearSaya was featured on Noisey’s “Essential Guide to Downtown Toronto Rap” and has been working with Two Inch Punch on new material.

Watch: Saya “Cold Fire”