Sarah Slean Discusses New Album

“Metaphysics” is the the first recording from Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah Slean. Fans have been waiting for this album and anticipating what direction she may take her music in.  The album features beautiful string orchestra arrangements and production collaborations between Hawksley Workman, Daniel Romano and many more. Sportainment caught up with Sarah to talk about her new journey with her album.

It’s been 5 years since your last album dropped, for some artist that is a short time, for some it is a long time. Why now and were you working on the album the entire time or did you take a break?

Sarah Slean (SS):(laughs) Where do I start? For me writing music, making an album isn’t this thing that is constantly happening it’s a result of a transformation, that is the pattern I can see over my catalogue, which is what? Nine deep now? I feel like a record is a literally record of some kind of major shift that has happened in my spirit or whatever term you want to put there and that is for sure what happened with me.

An element of your music release that I noticed differs from your last is how you used social media and pledge campaign that engaged your fans and also helped with the funding of your album. What has the experience been like for you because you have really reached out to your fans and let them be a big part of this process?

SS: I get amazing letters from fans where they tell me how my music has saved them, that it came at this important part of their life and it was really what I needed to hear. Those letters are so  it’s so beautiful to get but, I don’t think people realize  that it is reciprocal and I am always saved by them too.  That is absolutely the case with this record and more so because the connection is so direct now. I can speak directly to them and hey can speak directly to me and it’s real, it’s genuine. Their support and the way that they knit my music into their life and the way that they are in the world is a tremendous honour. I feel really honoured to be involved in their live sin this magical way.

With fans reaching out to you and telling you how it has changed their lives does it ever surprise you how they sometimes interpret your music?

SS: Absolutely! I mean there is an element of art making and creativity that is utterly mysterious to artist and to those who received it. I fully acknowledge that in my own work, there is so much going on in the world that I don’t even understand. Yes, there is my skills and the things that I gravitate too and the things I like but there is always this element of this thing that is divinely mysterious and I think that was connects us. It’s a magnetic presence and I feel that’s what connects us.

The lengths that you went to in your pledge campaign to show fans your appreciation was extensive. You painted one of a kind album covers, had skype sessions and more. What were some of your favourite elements of the campaign?

SS: Well in the interest of making a real connection, I love the E. M. Forrester quote ‘’Only Connect’. I mean two words, extremely powerful. I wanted to connect with them on something they would remember and that it was unique. I didn’t want to mass produce items but I hand wrote lyrics. I know the artists that I love their lyrics mean everything to me. The words they arranged and wrote meant the world to me and reshaped my own experience of life and my confrontation with life. I wrote stacks and stack of lyrics which is a total honour to me that my arrangement of words can mean something to someone else. I made hand painted covers of the album cover for both the vinyl and cd versions. But, I think one of the coolest things we did was the Skype calls. I would have a half hour chat swith someone and they could ask me anything they wanted. From how to play a song on the piano to really heavy talks about life paths and finding one’s way in the world or in music.