Return Of The Kings

After a decade hiatus one of Toronto’s most beloved bands is back on the scene. The Philosopher Kings took the Canadian music industry by storm in the late 90’s. They had hit song after hit song, from “Hurts to Love You” to  “Castles in the Sand”, the band were a hot commodity in North America.

Fast forward after a ten year and they just released their highly infectious single “Still The One” from their upcoming fifth studio album Return of the Kings. “The reaction has been very positive,” front man Jarvis Church said, “It’s actually been really heartwarming to see after all these years people are still so interested in our music.”

Over the years each member of the band was busy either producing other music for artists like Drake or taking on their own solo career. There were no charity shows or impromptu performances, the first time they got together to perform and write together was earlier this year. “We were not nervous about the creativity part because we have been doing this for so long that when we came back together we just fell into it.” Jon Levine said. (Levine is one of the two Philosopher Kings members behind the hit group Prozzak).”There was probably a minute where I wondered if we were going to come up with a good song but then we came up with “Still The One” and it has all the elements of a great song.”

After that long of a break fans and even the members themselves were nervous that the sound fans have fell in love with over the last 20 years would not be there. “That was actually the exciting part,” Church said with a smile. “Because we didn’t know what our music was going to sound like. It was ten years since the last time we were writing and as soon as we started we thought ‘wow! This sounds just like us!’. We didn’t realize we had such a recognizable sound and it was a pleasant surprise to hear it sound just like us.”

Their new album will released in the fall.