Pitsburgh 7 Ottawa 0 – You’re Not Reading That Wrong

Sid the Kid and company destroyed the Ottawa Senators on Sunday shutting out the Sens 7-0. The Penguins are now just one game away from their second straight Stanley Cup appearance taking a 3-2 series lead.

Here is a look at the post game from Nick Bonino, Bryan Rust and Carter Rowney of the Penguins and Sens Head Coach Guy Boucher :

Q. Could you begin by offering an update on players who didn’t finish the game, your captain, Derick Brassard?
GUY BOUCHER: We wanted them out so we’d rest them, just like we did against the Rangers the fourth game.
Q. All are good enough to come back if they need be?
Q. Can you offer sort of an explanation or offer an opinion on what you saw today?
GUY BOUCHER: Fine start, but then, you know, they got going. We weren’t able to push back. They basically served us what we served them our first game at home.
Yeah, it was great for them, it was a bad one for us. Got to move on.
Q. Bobby Ryan called this a flat-out spanking. Your team has been a great bounce-back team all year. Does a game like this, as lopsided as it was, does that leave a mark?
GUY BOUCHER: Did it leave a mark on Pittsburgh when we did that to them at home? They won the next game, so…
In the playoffs, just like the season, your ability to rebound from a great game or a really bad game is necessary. We’ve done it all year. We’ve done it in the playoffs. After the fourth game against the Rangers, we were supposedly done, so, rebound, get ready for the next one.
Q. Just trying to change momentum, taking out Anderson, putting Condon in, taking him back out.
GUY BOUCHER: Yeah, you know what, you want to keep your timeouts, you might need them later. I thought just trying to stall things, without taking a timeout. Then put him back in because he’s my man. I have total confidence in him. I want him to know that. I want him to go back out there.
When I saw where the game was going, he didn’t have to live that for the rest, so…
Q. With respect to the Penguins, they came out and pushed, but did you give yourself much of a chance today?
GUY BOUCHER: I thought we were okay in the first minutes, but then they got that first goal. You know, I think the second goal gave them a lot of wind. We weren’t able to push back.
Q. When you have a situation like that in the first, you take Craig out, did you say something to him on the bench to be ready to go back in?
GUY BOUCHER: Yeah, yeah. I told him. I just need to stall the game a little bit, I’ll put you back in.
Q. In your experience, what’s the best way typically for a team to move past this kind of game?
GUY BOUCHER: There’s two things. First, right now, move on now. Don’t wait another day. Don’t waste any energy on it. It’s our job as coaches to come in and make sure that we go back on the things that made us successful in the previous games against them and the other teams, to make sure we put our strengths on the ice for the next game.
It’s certainly not going to be about our weaknesses, it has to be about our strengths. We didn’t have that today. There’s no way we can rival the best team in the League and the Stanley Cup champions. It’s about putting our strengths on the ice, and they weren’t there today.
Q. You had Colin White in the warmup and Borowiecki, you were considering them for this game. What can we expect for those two guys for Tuesday night?
GUY BOUCHER: I don’t know because I got to go back and see what’s happening with the injuries. That’s why today we weren’t sure who wasn’t going to be able to go. Whitey could have played.
Q. Will you go back to Craig for Game 6?
GUY BOUCHER: Oh, my God.
Q. Got to ask the question.
GUY BOUCHER: I know you do, but you should not.
Q. Just wondering how you explain in a game that means so much…
GUY BOUCHER: I don’t know. Happened to the other teams. They can’t explain it either. It’s not about what it means, it’s where the players are. Some days they have it, just like a plumber wakes up one day, is having a great day, the other day he’s not having a good day. Just one of those bad days.
It’s not lack of preparation. The guys are giving everything they’ve got. That’s what they had today, and it wasn’t good enough.
Q. But are you concerned the last two games you’ve been beaten by a better team?
GUY BOUCHER: We know they’re a better team. Everybody knows that on the planet. They’re the Stanley Cup champions. They’re the best team in the League. That’s no secret.
We know to beat that team, we need to be at our very, very best. And we were not.



Q. Bonino and Rowney, can you talk about your chemistry going from last game to this game, what Rust has added to your line.
Yeah, I thought we had a solid game last game with Shears. Getting Rusty back is always good for the lineup. The way he plays, getting it on the forecheck, is how we’ve wanted to play the last couple games. I think our goals came from turnovers and good forechecks and good dumps. We turned one over to get to Olli for a goal, he goes to the net, and I hit it off him.

Those are plays you need in the playoffs. It was good to have him back tonight.

Q. Bryan, when you see a shift like the one that was going on prior to the goal you deflected in, is it pressure to keep that going? Is that encouraging from the bench before you even get out there?
BRYAN RUST: Yeah, I mean, they gave us a lot of momentum. We tried to just go in the zone, feed off of that. They had some guys who were pretty exhausted out there. We were able to kind of take advantage of that.

Q. Bryan, you seemed to come out with a lot of jump. Looked like maybe a couple days of rest paid off there.
BRYAN RUST: Yeah. I had about five, six days of rest there basically. My legs felt really good. Felt 100% out there. I was just kind of eager to get back out there, and have these guys help me.

Q. Nick, obviously getting a player like Bryan back in the lineup is good from a skills perspective. What kind of mental boost does it give you guys as you get these injured players back in the lineup?
NICK BONINO: Yeah, it’s good. It’s always good when you have your full lineup. I think one of the strengths of our organization last year and this year have been the guys who’ve been able to come in, step in pretty seamlessly and make plays for us. I didn’t know Rusty was back till this morning. Obviously a couple other guys tried today in the warmup. Whenever you get them back, it’s good.

At the same time guys like Archi tonight was noticeable out there. He played really well. When they get in the lineup, they do really good things and we win games.

Q. Nick, the first three games of this series, you had to fight so hard for every scoring chance. The last couple games, especially today, what do you think changed?
NICK BONINO: I think we’ve been looking at video pretty hard on ways to score. I think zone time hasn’t been an issue for us. I think the neutral zone hasn’t been as much of an issue as we thought it would. We’ve been able to get into their zone pretty well.

Hats off to them, they defend hard, keep to the outside. I think we looked at ways to get the pucks to the net and get guys to the net. I think a lot of our goals were that, the goals were right in the middle of the ice, with traffic.

We definitely looked at video for that. We came out and we executed the last couple games. We know how hard it will be Game 6.

Q. Carter, you scored four assists in your first 38 NHL games, had three tonight. Put into words what it was like to have a game like this and what it’s been like to have a week or last eight days like this.
CARTER ROWNEY: I think we’ve been playing pretty well here. I think our line has created some chances. It’s kind of a matter of time, I kind of felt like. If you keep doing the right things out there, hopefully some chances will capitalize, and you’ll get your opportunities.

A couple of puck luck tonight. We were able to get a couple in the back of the net.

It’s been something I’ve been working forward to, to be out there, be consistent, try to play my game. It’s been a good experience so far, just try to take it all in.

Q. Nick, what happened on your ride here today? Where is your truck right now?
NICK BONINO: It’s at a Ford dealership. It was weird. All of a sudden the gas didn’t work and the power steering went out in the middle of the highway. I was able to get it to the side.

Great teammate Phil Kessel came and picked me up. I owe a lot to Phil tonight for being here, a great guy.

Oh and Batman was in the crowd