One Year Anniversary Of Durant Leaving Thunder

While most Americans were preparing to celebrate the Fourth of July in 2016, Kevin Durant who was with the Oklahoma City Thunder at the time, was preparing to leave the team.

It was on that day one year ago that he announced he was leaving the OKC Thunder and going to the Golden State Warriors. He has been portrayed as a villain ever since by Thunder fans and even part time NBA fans. When the announcement was made fans and fellow players taunted  him on twitter with some even burning his jerseys.

The now, 2017 NBA Playoffs MVP and NBA Champion clearly has no regrets.

It was reported on Monday that Durant signed with the Warriors  for far less than he could make so that he could stay with the Warriors and chase more rings. It’s reported he will get between $51-$53 million over the next two years. To put that in perspective here are a list of players making more than Durant’s estimated $25 mil per season.

Damian Lillard – $26,153,057

Carmelo Anthony – $26,243,760

Al Horford – $27,734,405

DeMar DeRozan – $27,739,975

James Harden – $28,299,399

Paul Millsap – $28,571,429

Blake Griffin – $29,700,000

Kyle Lowry – $30,864,198

LeBron James – $33,285,709

Stephen Curry – $34,682,550

oh and just some guy named Russell he used to play with makes $28,530,608.

It’s been one year, people move on if you still hating.