It’s Official: Gordon Hayward Is Joining the Celtics

After a day of bizarre media and fans losing their minds on social media, Utah Jazz Small Forward Gordon Hayward made the announcement that Jazz fans were dreading. He is leaving the team and is going to joining Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics.

It was reported just after noon on Tuesday that Hayward was going to the Celtics but his agent and the owner of the Jazz disputed the claim. For hours fans and analysts were trying to figure out what was going on was he a Celtic? was he going to Miami? or was he staying with the Jazz? Just after 8pm E.T in an article on the Players Tribune (just like Lowry did the day before) he made the announcement.

What’s crazy is — before I even had a chance to make my decision, before I had a chance to sit down and write this, and before I even had a chance to talk about it with the people I love — I was already reading reports about where I was going. And I guess that’s just the way things work, in 2017. But I’m sorry it had to work out like that.

Hayward has agreed to sign a max deal with the Celtics worth $127 million over four years. He is no stranger to Boston’s coach Brad Stevens, Stevens coached Hayward at Butler.

The 27-year-old forward will be reuniting with his former college coach, Brad Stevens, who has been with the Celtics since the 2013-14 season.

After seven years in Utah, I have decided to join the Boston Celtics.

Shortly after the announcement IT went to social media to share his thoughts


Now that mystery surrounding where he is going, let’s take a moment to appreciate the social media trolling Thomas did of Utah Jazz’ Rudy Gobert.