New Music Friday: Marvel Comics And Dustin Bates Collaboration

Marvel Comics is proud to announce the debut of THE PROX TRANSMISSIONS, an all-new original 88-page graphic novel featuring a unique collaboration with Dustin Bates, lead singer and founder of the modern rock band, Starset, and fan-favourite writer, Peter David (Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider, Spider-Verse). Inspired by the likes of Nikola Tesla and Carl Sagan, Starset’s albums, along with videos, websites, novels, and one-of-a-kind performances, were created as part of an overarching concept: The Starset Society. Through this collaboration between science and fiction, The Starset Society has teamed with Marvel Comics to produce a one-of-a-kind, out of this world adventure like nothing seen before.

A secret transmission from the far reaches of the galaxy falls into the hands of SETI radio astronomer Dr. Stephen Browning, and his world begins to unravel as he discovers the cryptic message…including information of advanced technology and a dire warning from the future. Seeking the aid of brilliant-yet-impetuous playboy, Dr. Aston Wise, the two set off on an epic journey to discover the meaning of the transmission – only to discover they are pawns in a much bigger game.

“As a long-time fan of Marvel Comics, it has been an honour to work with them on The Prox Transmissions. I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to spread the inception story of The Starset Society through the graphic novel medium,” said Dustin Bates. “The intention of The Society is to use examples such as those in the novel to publicize emerging, near-future technologies and their inevitable social, economic, political, and philosophical impact on us all.”