New Music Friday: Don Brownrigg

Singer-Songwriter Don Brownrigg likes to take his time between albums. But it isn’t because he is having writer’s block – far from it. He is refueling his soul with various life experiences. Since his last album, he has traveled to China as a puppeteer, pursued a degree in Osteopathy, worked behind the scenes as a festival presenter, and fell in and out of love twice. These elements are what helped form the thematic foundation of his newest album, Fireworks (independent), due out on February 22, 2019.

“Bad Timing is an empathetic view on not being available to someone but understanding what they need and want from you. Rarely do timing and feelings align perfectly – for me, at least. It is a song on the album about me having to back away and reject someone where several others are about me having unrequited love.” – Don Brownrigg

The 10 songs on Fireworks find Brownrigg sorting through the emotional journey of the last few years, coming to terms with mental health questions, sexuality, and romantic relationships.

“I had two big relationships in the writing of this and was at two opposite points of view in them. In one relationship, I was the one stifling, clipping it, pushing away, closing myself in, and then I was the opposite the next time. So looking back at that, seeing the similarities, what I wanted from each one, what I had to give, but also the shitty things I did, or the good things I did, or the shitty things the other person might have done.”