New Music Friday: Corey Gulkin

Dark folk singer-songwriter Corey Gulkin (formerly Corinna Rose) announces her sophomore album, entitled, All The Things I’ll Forget,set for release January 26th 2018.

All The Things I’ll Forget sees Gulkin transform the memories of an abusive relationship and its aftermath into a personal, introspective anthology that telegraphs the subtleties of abuse and forgiveness to the listener.

Gulkin’s sophomore full-length album is a bold artistic statement in both its subject matter and arrangements. Each song centres around an eclectic trio of banjo, electric guitar, and harp. Electronic drums and synth textures woven throughout cast an otherworldly sheen over the record.

Gulkin co-produced the record with long time collaborators, Leah Dolgoy (harp, autoharp) and Sam Gleason (electric guitar, recording engineer).  The trio recorded the bed tracks for the album at a family cottage in the Eastern Townships, affording them time, intimacy, and isolation to reflect on how to convey what is truly at the heart of the album.

As a whole, All the Things I’ll Forget is necessarily feminist: honest, visceral, and full of moments of identification for all of us.