New Music Friday: BOOGÁT

Canadian-Mexican musician, Boogát,shares his song, Sabes Muy Bien, a collaboration between Andrés Oddone and Frikstailers. This is the third single off his upcoming album, San Cristóbal Baile Inn, set for release on October 6th via Maisonnette. The track, both romantic and danceable, is an open letter to family, love, and friendship, and explores how our choices define the ways we live our lives. This single is accompanied by the beautiful artwork of Todobien Estudio, an art collective based in Mexico. Sabes Muy Bien is available on all digital platforms.

San Cristobal Baile Inn follows Boogát’s 2015 release, Neo Reconquista, which includes collaborations with La Yegros, Sonido Pesa’o and Pierre Kwenders. The album took home the World Music Album of the Year at The 2016 JUNO Awards, and the Félix Award at ADISQ 2016.

Boogát recently shared another single from San Cristobal Baile Inn, Mezcalero Feliz,which draws inspiration from Mezcal, the drink, and its storied traditions. It provides a window into the millennium tradition of the Mezcalillero and Mezcolatra lifestyle. The song borrows and reworks numerous Mexican folk sayings that celebrate Mezcal, whileMezcalero Feliz shines through its modern interpretation of a song style usually reserved for traditional Mexican music. Watch the video here. The song is the second single from San Cristobal Baile Inn, following Eres Una Bomba.

San Cristobal Baile Inn is Boogát’s third album, written entirely in Spanish, and revisits a more electronic sound, infused with rap and Reggaeton flavours. An uplifting and party oriented record, it stays true to the roots of Latin music, while remaining politically charged. The album was written while Boogát spent a year living in Mexico’s capital city, in search of his own personal connection to his parent’s culture. His mother, being from Mexico, he wanted to bring the family to the city, explore its neighbourhoods, music and subcultures. While doing so, he connected with the diaspora of international Latin musicians who congregate in the metropolis, making Mexico the number one city for Latin music. San Cristobal (St. Christopher) is the patron of the travelers and the album is a celebration of immigrants and travelers at large.