New Album From Minotaurs

Minotaurs are excited to release the first track “I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine” from their forthcoming fourth album entitled AUM.  Featuring guest vocals from Sarah Harmer.

Moving forward from last year’s Weird Waves, Minotaurs apocalyptic-psychedelic-afro-folk-epic, AUM, as its meditative title suggests, turns inward, in part due to their collaboration with Stuart Bogie. Bogie, whose work with Brooklyn-based afrobeat/jazz ensemble Antibalas, was a great source of inspiration for the project as is evidence in the final listen. AUM offers Minotaurs as the truly collaborative outfit they are, with offerings from all eight members.

AUM also makes reference to the spiritual journey of the creative process, and signals the band’s deep respect for it. Says frontman Lawr, “It all comes back to the essential idea: Art may not change anything but it can act as a vessel for an idea, and ensure that certain ideas never die. Why do authoritarian regimes destroy the art first? Because they know that it will inspire people to think. And change happens when people start thinking.”

The band’s rhythmic intensity matches the intensity of that belief. Minotaurs knows that the best way to move people to reflection is to move people period. Confronted with the band’s pulsing rhythms – Lawr, after all, is a drummer – there’s little choice but to dance. Minotaurs get people dancing and thinking, they entertain and enlighten. But the band also moves in other ways: the krautrock of Can, the early protest music of Bob Dylan, and Curtis Mayfield’s psychedelic soul.