Neon Dreams Sets For World Domination

Canada’s live 4-piece electronic group, Neon Dreams released their EP “To You” in 2016 and have been gaining momentum ever since.  The EP perfectly showcased the group’s musical evolution and their dynamic range of sound and was streamed nearly 5 million times on Spotify.They are a fully independent group who has a fresh take on electronic pop that combines EDM with live instruments. There song “Marching Bands” skyrocketed up the charges to #15 and they are now touring North America gaining new fans each day. Sportainment had the chance to catch up with the band between shows:

The Juno Awards are Canada’s Grammy Awards. You will be participating in some of the festivities this year have you ever been to the show prior?

Matt Gats (MG): Yes! Well not to the award show, I stood outside of it when it was in Halifax a long time ago and I stood on the street and just thought ‘one day I can get there’.

Frank Kadillac (FK): I actually have not!

Adrian Morris (AM): I have when I was younger. I went to a fanfare and I ran inside and saw Silverstein then I ran right back out.


Let’s talk about how all of this has happened for you. You have a lot of success but like most artists you had a journey to get here. When you see fans wearing your shirts and singing lyrics back to you has it really sunk in just how hard you have worked to get here?

MG: I don’t think we will ever take that in, I think we will always just be so appreciative of everything and just keep on going.

AM: We are so grateful for everything that has happened to us so far and can’t wait to see what happens in the future

As an artist it has to be a great feeling to see somebody sing your lyrics back to you. Do you remember the first time that happened?

FK: Oh yeah! It was in Kelowna,

AM: Kelowna has always been very supportive of us which is just crazy because it literally is all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast….

MG: And a place we never had been before until we went to play that show and then had the fans sing to us in the front row. It was pretty awesome.

FK: Once you see them singing you just don’t know what to do. I looked at them and was like ‘hey you are singing!” and then they pointed back at me it was funny.

Many fans just started to get on the ‘Neon Dreams’ train and you already have an amazing following. For those fans they are not aware of the work you put in to get here. What sticks out in your mind now that you look back on and say ‘it was worth it’.

FK: It’s been 10 years! People don’t realize it has been 10 years!

AM: It’s been three years of us playing together in Neon Dream but 10 years together in different groups.  

FK: So we went through a lot of trials and errors  of being in a band making friends and losing friends

MG: And always staying together. Like we have been together for the last 10 years and have never given up on each other it has really been a 10 year journey to get here.

AM: From driving a van that ran out of gas to… the stories are endless.

You probably have enough stories to write five albums just about the stories.

MG: I remember the first time that we came to Toronto to do some stuff and we were coming all the way from Halifax… by car. We didn’t have that much time because when you just start out you don’t have a lot of money so we just needed to do what we could as quickly as possible. We end up bursting a tire and have to change a tire on the side of the road at like 3 AM and then we drive a bit further on the donut…and we blow that. It was a Sunday in Quebec and we don’t speak French at all and so we had to find somebody that could come and get us and tow the car to somewhere in Quebec.

AM: We had to wait four hours for the tow too and all fell asleep. We were woken up to the guy knocking on our window (laughs).

MG: We finally make it to the show, we barely made it to the show in time. After the show we are feeling good and decide to go shopping and maybe buy some new clothes for some other upcoming gigs. So we park our car on the side of the road and go shopping when we come back out the car is not there. Then we had to figure out where the car was and how to get it back. It was all in a 24 hour span. It was quite the day.