Exclusive: The Trews

Canadian rockers The Trews have been paving the rock road  north of the border for almost two decades and are celebrating the milestone with their new album Time Capsule. The album is full of the band’s biggest hits and fan favourites sprinkled in with some freshly inked songs. The group is fronted by brothers Colin MacDonald who takes the reins of lead vocals/guitar while his brother John-Angus MacDonald plays lead guitar. Rounding out the band are bassists Jack Syperek and drummer Gavin Maguire who makes his debut on their new album.

Your album celebrates your history as a group but it also marks the beginning of a new journey.  How are you all feeling about the new album?

Colin MacDonald (CM): That’s the best part, when it’s time to ramp up and go and some of the hard work is paid off. This is a bit different because it’s like a hits collection, but then there are brand new songs on there. We still wanted to make it interesting for us and our fans.

For those that haven’t had the chance to listen to the new songs on the album are they a little different than your previous work? You’re also working on a new album already how is it going to be different? 

CM: There is a real heavy rock song that starts off the album called ‘Beautiful and Tragic’ which is probably the most pop music song we have every had and a song called ‘Chinese Kites’ which is definitely the most psychedelic song we have ever had.

John-Angus MacDonald (JM): I had a guy tell me and say that the four new songs kind of sum up everything that you guys are about in there own song. You have as heavy as you guys get, as funky as your get, as poppy as you get- we have always been a bit of pop/rock band and then we have this big love ballad. So those four new songs, it’s like each of those things separated together are what we are about.

Gavin has tour with you guys for a while but this album is actually the first one he has been on, Gavin did the haze you at all?

Gavin Maguire (GM): [laughs] No, not really.

Jack Syperek (JS): I think his first gig he had to jump in out of nowhere.

JM: [laughs] That may have been considered hazing!

GM: The amount of time I had to get ready for that gig may have been considered hazing

CM: Yeah! He had no luggage [laughs]. Gavin bailed us out in such a dramatic winning fashion that we I think we just passed on all the hazing to Jeff Heisholt (touring keyboardist). So when Gavin joined I think we just started to haze Jeff more.

JS: I think it’s great that this is our first time having gavin on a recording I have been listening to it since I got the cd in the car and he sounds awesome.