Lydia Persaud Announces Low Light EP

Raised on a healthy dose of the country music narrative and the spiritual motivation of gospel hymns, Toronto songstress Lydia Persaud is reconnecting with her roots on her debut EP Low Light. Set for an independent release on October 20th, Lydia is thrilled to share the first single and title track off the album.  Lydia will celebrate the release of the album with a hometown show on October 25th at the Burdock. She’ll be joined by special guest Ken Yates.

Lydia’s debut album features four stunning tracks produced by Robbie Grunwald (Good Lovelies, Jill Barber) and captured live to tape. One can truly hear Lydia’s exceptional vocal delivery from the first note on opening track Turning In. “After singing with different bands for many years, making this album was extremely cathartic;” Lydia shares. “Low Light is about overcoming pain in heartbreak and coming out stronger at the end of the day. So many of the albums that I love have been recorded straight to tape, honouring the honesty and authenticity that the music that can be equally conveyed in a live performance. I hope that my music can live up to that standard while remaining honest and relatable for its listeners.”

Producer Grunwald expands on the production of the album by sharing: “Lydia writes classic songs that speak directly to everyone’s personal experiences, and her vocal delivery is stunning. When we set out to make this recording we wanted to highlight these qualities. Most records these days are done on a computer where editing is as much a part of the process as playing and writing the music.” Grunwald elaborates further by saying; “To honor the music, we chose to record everything straight to tape with no computer involved. This forced us to sit in the room and play complete takes and the sound brings out the richness and timelessness of Lydia’s incredible voice and songs.”