LeBron James Calls Out ‘Fans’ Burning Isaiah Thomas Jerseys

It was a move that most true and passing NBA fans do not understand. Why are people burning former Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas’ Jersey? He was traded, yes TRADED on Tuesday night to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving and pretty much everything else the Celtics had.

Since Thomas started with the team he has bled green and was a huge part in the recruitment of former Jazz star Gordon Hayward to the team. When the trade was announced some fans who lacked a few brain cells started to burn Thomas’ jersey. It would be understandable, yet stupid, if they burned it if he CHOSE to leave, but the man was traded.

Kyrie Irving requested the trade and fans put thank you notes on his jersey.

You know who had enough of this? LeBron James and called out the fans for lack of respect.