Leafs Sign Patrick Marleau

Free Agent Patrick Marleau is now a Toronto Maple Leaf. The three-time NHL all-star joins the Maple Leafs after 19 seasons with the San Jose Sharks. Marleau has been chasing a ring with the Sharks for almost two decades and believe the Leafs have a better shot .
“It was the team, I think, the excitement that’s around it, the youth, the coaching staff, the coach, the management, the way they see the game going, the players that they have on their roster,” Marleau said on a conference call with media Sunday. “It’s extremely exciting to be a part of that.”

The vet is familiar with the Leafs coach from their time together with Team Canada

“The decision took me quite a while to come to, but I’ve made it and I’m happy with it and I can’t wait to get started.”
He is the Sharks’ career leading goal scorer. His deal is work $8.65 million US for three years.

Fun fact of the day, Auston Matthews was just two weeks old when Marleau played his first NHL game.