Kyle Lowry Signs Deal To Stay With Raptors

It’s been a hot topic for Raptors fans over the last season and especially into the summer. Where is Kyle Lowry going to sign? In early June an article was released saying the Lowry was unhappy in Toronto and wanted to leave. On Sunday afternoon the Players’ Tribune sent a link out with an article that Lowry wrote about where he was going to stay with the title ‘Home’. Many fans would think it would mean Philadelphia but for Lowry it meant Toronto. He wrote,

When I had to make my free-agency decision, there was a lot going through my head, a lot of roads my mind was traveling down. Family, first and foremost, and what’s going to make them happy, and give them the best life. Basketball, of course, and where I’d like to play for these next several years. And then there was also the gut-check aspect — just what I was feeling in my heart.

Earlier in the day Raptors also signed Serge Ibaka . The Raptors and Ibaka agreed to a three-year deal worth $65 million. Lowry’s deal is worth a reporter three-year deal worth $100 million.

I’m coming back to Toronto because my heart is telling me that it’s home — and because staying home, for me and my family, feels like the right thing to do. My heart is telling me that this is the best city in the world, with the best basketball fans in the world. It’s telling me that the Raptors can be a championship-level team, sooner than later. And I’ll be honest (and don’t hate) — it’s telling me that I’ve still never had poutine.

Lowry averaged 22.4 points, 7.0 assists and 4.8 rebounds. While the Raptors locked down contracts with Ibaka and Lowry, PJ Tucker signed with the Houston Rockets.  It’s believed he signed a four-year- deal with $32 million to join the roster that now boasts Chris Paul.