July Talk’s Josh Warburton Releases Side Project

Change is good, and for Josh Warburton (July Talk) and Toronto producer Thomas D’Arcy (Small Sins/BROS./Tommy Hawkins) change was exactly what these two needed to fully discover their new side project White Hot Guilt. Today, the duo announces the release of the first new track, Little Things, and the July 21st release date for their self-titled debut EP (TDM Inc.). All proceeds from sales will be donated to ‘SKETCH’ – a Toronto-based community-arts-development initiative that creates equitable opportunities for young people homeless and on the margins from across Canada to experience the transformative power of the arts. Check out more info about White Hot Guilt at www.whitehotguilt.com.

The new EP showcases a sort of future retrospect in dance music. Indie meets electro. Now meets then. Perhaps Warburton’s smooth falsetto channels the Bee Gees. The percussive organics alongside analog synths might make one think of LCD Soundsystem, while the horn sections hearken to something more like Stevie Wonder. This is to say: White Hot Guilt is sort of like a lot of things, but not really like anything else at all.