JJ Watt Makes An Emotional Return For The Houston Texans

The NFL is finally back and today is an important game in Houston. It’s the first time the Houston Texas will play since Hurricane Harvey devastated part of the state. Texans JJ Watt has come out a hero in the aftermath helping raise over $20 million dollars and providing much needed supplies to those affected by the natural disaster.

“This is so much bigger than a game,” Watt said. “We want to give them an escape from everything that just happened, so I know for a fact that our guys are going to give every single thing that we have to make sure that we put a smile on this city’s face.”

On Sunday Watt said he wanted the game to bring victims of Hurricane Harvey a chance to cheer for a few hours so they don’t have to think about their wrecked home and disrupted lives.

Watt’s teammate Brian Peters lost his home in the hurricane.  “My house took on about two feet of water and I just had to move everything out, throw most of the furniture out to the curb,” Peters said in a radio interview. “Living in the Holiday Inn right now, trying to find a new place to live. Just a little bit hectic.”

The Texans take the Jaguars on at 1 pm ET.