“It Was A Painful Season” Atkins On Jays

Toronto Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins held his season ending press conference with the media on Tuesday. Top of mind was what is happening with Josh Donaldson and will they be keeping Jose Bautista.

Here is the Coles Notes of the main points from the presser:

On Joey Bats: “we feel it’s unlikely that he’s a part of the solution moving forward.”

On Donaldson: “absolutely” be open to Donaldson staying in Toronto long term.

On Gibons: Believes he is part of Toronto’s solution and will be back next year.

On Sanchez : Believes he will return to being a starting pitcher

On Injuries: “We were not able to survive the injuries this year, Our players that had to come in and                        step in, across the entire organization, were not enough.”