A 30,000 Point Potato

30,078 and counting. That is the total points Dirk Nowitzki has in his long career with the Mavs so far and he has the potato to prove it. He hit the 30-thousand point milestone on March 7th against the struggling Los Angeles Lakers. “I’ve got great support from everyone,” Nowitzki told Pro Bball Report. “Whether it’s on twitter from Kobe, Magic, LeBron or (Dwyane) Wade, it’s been really great. I’m blessed, but for me it’s over now. We are trying to fight for the playoffs.”

On Monday night Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks lost to the Raptors 100-78. The Mavs were held to just 12 points in the 4th quarter and were out played off the glass by over 20 rebounds.

“With a young team there are going to be some ups and downs,” Nowitzki said. “There are going to be some mistakes but you have to learn from them and get better.” And that they did. The Mavs had 36 points in the 4th against Washington Wednesday night and only had one less rebound than the Wizards.

Nowitzki has made it clear that he hopes to play his 20th and possibly his final season in the NBA with the Mavericks. But when asked about the road he has paved for other European players the ever talkative and jovial player shied away from the praise. “I just compete and I play my game. You know there were guys before me that paved the way for me. There were plenty of Europeans before me to play the game. If I have helped pave the wave for a couple of these guys now, that’s awesome.”

The 38-year-old who recently got a potato in the mail from a fan congratulating him on his 30-thousand-point milestone has not only watched how his game has improved but how the league in general has developed. “The sport has grown all over the world, not just in Europe but in China, Africa, Australia as well. I mean, it’s a global league now and it’s been fun to watch it grow over the last 20 years.”

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If the 7ft forward retires after 20 seasons he would be in good company. He would tie the recently retired Kobe Bryant for seasons spent with a single franchise. “Everything will be unbelievable to me after my career is over. Something I will look back at with pride, but for now I just keep plugging.”