Gordon Hayward Leaves Season Opener After Gruesome Injury

It has been the most talked about game this summer leading up to the NBA season. The Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers season opener.

First there was the drama surrounding Gordon Hayward leaving the Utah Jazz and signed with the Celtics. Then the ‘Days of our Lives’ drama following the Kyrie Irving trade request from the Cavs that sent him to the Celtics. Fans were waiting to see Kyrie take on his old team after he fired shot after shot against not only the team but the city.

Unfortunately in the first quarter Gordon Hayward fractured his ankle. A warning.. the photos may be disturbing.











Players on both side gathered or were down on one knee in a praying position while the injury was assessed. When Hayward was taken off the court members from the Cavaliers including James and Wade went over and wished him luck.

Players from across the league went to social media to give Hayward support.

It’s quite possible Hayward will be out for the remainder of the season, there has been no update form the team yet.

Updates to follow.