Go The Extra Miles(s)

Wearing a forest green suit with a grey shirt, the six-foot-six newest member of the Toronto Raptors entered a small room packed with local media on a hot summer’s day.

C.J. Miles is one of the answers the team hopes that will help them in the post-season.  The 225-pound swingman is coming off his best year in the league shooting 41 per cent from three-point range and 47 per cent overall from the floor when he was with the Indiana Pacers.

Miles talked in length about what he will bring to the team, but it’s the fans and the atmosphere he is excited to be a part of .

“I’ve never been a part of something this energetic.” he laughed. Miles was part of the Indiana roster that lost to the Raptors in the first round in 2016 and remembers vividly how strong the fanbase was during that series.

“One of the games in our building feeling like we were on the road, so many of their fans being there.”

He says that he could feel that the raptors roster fed off it the fans and he hopes to do the same.

“Playing on the home floor they were as tough as anybody with the way the crowd is and the energy they get from them added to the energy they bring as a unit. I’ve watched them the last three, four years become special.”

Miles, who was joined by his wife Lauren at his introduction says they both feel the city is a perfect fit for them. “We are excited to be here.” Miles said with a huge smile. “ It’s a great city with a great fanbase. It’s one of the things I have admired over the years is just how much the fans like basketball here and support the team. I’m excited!”

“Unselfishness is always contagious, guys want to be part of that. Fun is contagious, guys want to win and the only way to do that is being unselfish, being able to do the right things for your basketball team.”

The Raptors were 14th in the league in three-point percentage, so Miles for most fans, is a welcomed addition to the roster.