Giant Hand debuts new single

Giant Hand returns with his first new music since 2011 today. Listen to the new single “Key On A String” here via Noisey who had this to say about the song: “…a tight psych-folk track that is textured, melodic, and a bit sorrowful (almost all of the greatest songs have a touch of sadness)”. “Key On A String” was produced by Jonas Bonnetta (Evening Hymns) and Rolf Klausener (The Acorn) who also perform on the track along with Pat Johnson and Paul Lowman (Cuff The Duke) . Giant Hand will release a new album later this year.

“‘Key on a String’ had a drastic transformation in the studio,” says Giant Hand’s Kirk Ramsay. “What started as a folkier fast paced foot stomper, eventually morphed itself into some form of mad scientist stoner ballad. Paul Lowman stopped by and happened to have brought a fiddle. We just put him in the room, and played him the song once. We recorded only a couple of his takes and that’s what you end up hearing on the break down near the end of the song.”