Exclusive: Getting Frank With Kirty

She has vocals that will haunt you for days (in the best way) and energy that will make you relaxed and want to be her best friend all at the same time.  Toronto, Canada’s Kirty is releasing her highly anticipated self-titled sophomore record on September 23rd.  She gained an instant following with her debut album All I Really Know and joined the group Fast Romantics hot off the heels of her albums success. Her solo album features 10 new songs styled by her brilliance being the mic and the pen.

It’s been a few years since your debut album, how do you feel your music has changed for the new album?

Kirty: I think the first album that I put out All I really Know, was a bit more stripped down, it had a bit more of a roots feel to it. I think the major difference to me between the albums is the instrumental changes. I am using a bit more synth and different styles to take the songs to the next level. I wrong the songs in a similar style as the first album and they still have a roots feeling to it, but when you record the song you can turn it into something else when you play with different gear.

Since your first album you have also joined the successful group Fast Romantics, did the group influence your new music at all?

Kirty: Ever since I joined Fast Romantics I think they have been slowly influencing everything I do musically in really great ways! I can experience a completely different process of recording, rehearsing, writing, performing and then I get to take all the good things from that and get to apply that across the board to my own projects. For anything working with Fast Romantics is such a different experience than working on my own project. I think everything that I do musically I now have a broader kind of knowledge.

Straight out of the gate it seems like you had support from a major network in Canada and fan support. Did that make it more nerve racking or put a bit more pressure on your follow up album to All I Really Know?

Kirty: I try and not feel pressure on anything I do creatively because if I let pressure or other people’s opinions get to me my genuine ideas get crushed. With each year I create and perform music I learn something each time. I think what I continue to learn is to follow my instincts and go with my gut feeling when it comes to things that are creative. I think I felt less pressure for this record because I learned from last time that stress or pressure isn’t worth anything. You always will feel a bit of pressure especially if you are working with a team to put out an album. The more people that get involved of course you will feel pressure. Over the years I have learned the best things come out when you do what feels right.

Can we expect any tour dates from you soon?

Kirty: Since I am in Fast Romantics as well, the touring schedule is going to be pretty tight this year because Fast Romantics are planning to release a new album as well. What I am planning on doing is playing a few select shows in the fall and winter. I will also be on the road with Fast Romantics so hopefully next year I will be able to play some festival circuits and it will really cap off promoting the album.

If you could tell new and old fans what song to listen to if they only could listen to one song off the new album what would it be?

Kirty: One of favorite songs on the album is “Be My Friend Again”. It’s my favourite song I have ever written because it comes from a sincere place.

I hear your songs on the radio a lot, do you remember the first time you heard one of your tunes on the radio?

Kirty: You know what’s funny I don’t have a car and so I don’t often tune into the radio. I do remember though, I was driving a car with my mom near my hometown in Canada and I heard it on the radio. It was weird and surreal. It took me a while to hear my own music on the radio though. I would get messages from friends or fans saying they heard me on the radio and I didn’t hear it for months later. It’s a great feeling to hear it though.

For more information on Kirty go to www.KirtyMusic.com