George Thorogood Has No Plans On Slowing Down

Blues rocker George Thorogood has been a staple on the music scene since the late 70s. His style has influenced thousands of musicians and his music can be heard daily on radio or being covered by artists around the world. The 67-year-old is still touring extensively with over 30 shows including one at Casino Rama on June 1st. Sportainment caught up with the legendary rocker before his show:

George, across Canada your shows are selling out. This isn’t a new phenomenon it has been like this for you for years. Why do you think Canadians love GT so much?

George Thorogood (GT): It really has been a mystery. It has been working out every since we came here back in ‘78 and we got welcomed here with open arms in a few places like Toronto, Montreal and a couple other spots. Over the years it just started building and building and building. We do have to hustle a little harder in the United States, we work the same type of venues and they do well but there is a buzz about in this country when we go on tour. Maybe it’s because one of our songs has bourbon, scotch and beer in it! Maybe it’s because Canadians say they like to drink beer but so do Germans, Australians.. All kinds of people like beer so you know what. I really don’t know why Canadians like us so much.Maybe its because it’s a rugged country.  It is rugged country to live up here, it’s like 75-80% of it is wilderness? You know just to have to get up and go to work everyday and do what you have to do is hard, especially if it is in the wintertime… which is most of the time in Canada! We are not really a laid back act, our sound it really aggressive, with high energy and we are super charged. We have a rugged sound and they are a rugged country so maybe that is the appeal. Lets face it. Hockey is not for wimps and that is your game up here. They might look at us as normal for them but in some places it’s too rugged for them. You know? ‘Calm this guy down!’.

You have one of the more extensive tour schedules of artists right now. You rarely have days off what do you do when you do have those cherished days.

GT: {laughs} I sleep as much as possible. 75% of our fans are working class people and they work all day then drive to our shows. I met Joe Dimaggio once at a Yankees game and he laid something on me once he said ‘George, you owe your fans one thing.” and I asked him.. “What’s that?” and he said, “your best”. That has always stuck with me. Whatever it may be ,they pay the money and that’s what they deserve.