Fiona Bevan Plans World Domination

Fiona Bevan may not be a household name yet but her music already is. Bevan is one of the writers behind the hits  “Little Things’, the number-one single for One Direction and “Voodoo Doll” by the band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Now it is her turn to dominate North America with her debut album Talk to Strangers. 

‘It’s so exciting it’s actually coming out!’ Bevan said backstage before a private concert in Toronto. ‘These things take so long, and so much work and now it’s actually happening and it’s so exciting!’.

The album has something for everyone from love songs, break-up songs to personal anthems. A stand out song on the album is The Exorcist ‘it’s about being obsessed with your partners ex and trying to exercise the demons’ Bevan said with a giggle. ‘There is also a song on the album called The Machine which could be anything from being stuck in a job you don’t like to a political system’.

Some would consider her a writing genius. The songs she helped write help establish artists like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Songs she could have kept for herself. ‘For a songwriter , having someone cut your song and tour it around the world and get it on the radio. It’s the most amazing thing that can happen’. Bevan said.  ‘Painters want to sell their paintings and songwriters do what their songs to fly the nest.

What’s next for the British-Canadian songstress? Touring.