Final Canadian Out Of Rogers Cup

Bianca Andreescu was Canada’s last hope of winning the Rogers Cup after early exits from both Eugenie Bouchard and Francoise Abanda.  The 17-year-old lost in an evening match to Timea Babos of Hungary 6-4, 6-1.

Bianca, can you speak about the crowd tonight? Did it kind of remind you of Fed Cup? You see the fatheads, the go-Bianca-go sign, crowd’s on your side. Did it kind of have that Fed Cup feel?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, for sure. Having the crowd behind you is an amazing feeling. They for sure helped me throughout the match. So yeah.

Q. There was a point in the ninth game of the first set, you had just been broken, when there was a long rally. You got that shot back. You got the crowd into it. You were waving up your arms to the crowd there. Is that usually you? I mean, we haven’t seen much of yourself. It’s only your second main draw, but is that Bianca Andreescu on a platter who you are?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, I love to try to put on a show for the crowd. Yeah, that was a crazy point. I don’t even know how I won that, but I fought to the end and I got it.

Q. I’m just wondering if you would speak to the what this experience here does for your development overall, the crowd, playing at home, that sort of thing.
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah. Yeah, for sure this gives me a lot of experience, which is obviously what I need right now, playing more matches on the WTA tour. And just being part of the whole atmosphere gives me a lot of experience.

And, yeah, the crowd tonight was amazing. So I’m very thankful for that.

Q. How did you prepare for the match today?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Like I always do. I stick to my routines. Nothing special. I focus before my match. I think I was very well-prepared. I had tactics how to play her. But everyone has their days and today was her day, so congrats to her.

Q. Did you discuss with your coach these tactics or did you just use tactics that you used in other matches?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Every match I try to just play my game. But obviously there’s weaknesses from your opponent, so I try to expose her weakness. And, yeah, I talked to my coach about it.

Q. You still have the doubles here, though. So is that now something that you’re looking forward to and just kind of focusing on that now?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, I play doubles tomorrow. I think fifth match on Court 1.

I’m very excited. I’m going to try to put this match behind me. I learned from it.

And I’m very excited for tomorrow playing with Carson. I think we really make a good team on and off the court. We get each other. And I think our game complements one another’s on the court.

Q. What is it like? You mentioned Carson. What’s it like being with one of your friends on tour and going through that journey with her as well?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: It’s amazing, finding a good friend on tour. It’s hard sometimes.

But I’m glad she switched to being Canadian. We really get along very well right from the start. And playing doubles with a very good friend is amazing. It’s hard to find that.

Q. Did you come away from this match feeling like there was a particular area of your game that you need to work on in order to have a little bit more success moving forward at the pro level?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: Yeah, for sure. Every match I play I try to learn from it, and I try to improve on certain things. And I think this match I would have to improve my serve more. I’m probably going to go tomorrow and hit, like, many buckets of serves, yeah.

Q. Does playing doubles help you with singles?
BIANCA ANDREESCU: For sure. Playing the doubles really helps me with my transition game, coming to the net, which I’m trying to do more now, and obviously with return game and serve game.