Exclusive: Raptors Lucas Nogueira Discusses Marriage

This past summer Toronto Raptors bet on the progress of center Lucas ‘Bebe’ Nogueira when they didn’t add a veteran seven-footer to offset the loss of Bismack Biyombo to free agency. However, Bebe should be forgiven if he had even bigger things on his mind recently. He said “I do”, not to a new Raptors contract, but to a new partner in life, wife Caroline Kuczynski.

“It’s great!,” Nogueira said. “I have got to work to make my own history with her. It is work, but I have to be positive about the future.”

Before Bebe walked down the aisle he received some words of wisdom from his fellow Raptors.

“I got advice from Coach Casey and Valanciunas, the married guys on the team. They gave me some advice, but every marriage has a different story and a different situation.”

Nogueira recently held his first basketball camp in Pickering that was put on by none other than his fellow teammate Cory Joseph’s Dad David Joseph. Nogueira was joined by his fellow teammate and fellow Brazilian Bruno Caboclo.

“Lucas and I are from the same country,” Caboclo said about his friendship with Nogueira. “He has helped me a lot and I have helped him, it’s just amazing we are on the same team. I am so happy.”

Caboclo was just one of Nogueira’s teammates that were in Toronto for his nuptials. Former Raptors player Bismack Biyombo, who captivated the attention of thousands of Raptors fans this past season, was also there for his wedding day.

Bismack was just one of several changes the Raptors made this offseason. Changes that have not went unnoticed by the newlywed.

“I recognize how much the Raptors trust me and have invested in me this summer because they didn’t get anybody in my position,” Nogueira said about the offseason changes. “I have been working the entire summer for the next season. I never create expectation, especially in the NBA it is a tough business, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.”

Nogueira’s buddy Caboclo also has big hopes for the next season. “I hope I get more playing time,” Caboclo said after helping Nogueira at his basketball camp. “I am going to do my best to help the team next season and go further than last year. To help them make the finals and then get a championship next year.”

Those are high hopes for the 20-year-old Caboclo, but they are words many Raptors fans would love to hear, “Raptors, NBA Champions.”