Exclusive: Jill Hennessy Interview

Claire Kincaid, Jordan Cavanaugh. and Rayna Hecht are a few of the names you may know Jill Hennessy for. The acclaimed actress spent the last two decades making a name for herself on the big and small screen. From her role as Claire on Law & Order to the lead role in Crossing Jordan, Hennessy’s face is familiar face in many homes around the world.
Fans of the show Crossing Jordan were lucky enough to be let in on a secret about Jill over a decade ago. The woman can sing! The soundtrack to the show was released in 2003 with Hennessy releasing the song ‘You’re Innocent When You Dream’, fast forward to 2009 and the canadian released her first full length album Ghost In My Head. On October 2nd she released her sophomore album I Do. Much like her debut album, Hennessy wrote all of the songs on her new album.

On the album Ghost In My Head it seemed as though your songs had a theme about your childhood experiences and now your new album progresses to your life as a mother and wife?

Jill Hennessy [JH] : Yeah! It’s about my kids. It takes off from the first album and the experiences that I have had over the last ten years and the people that I love that I believe really formed me as a person. A few of theses people I actually lost over the last few years so a lot of these are homages to them and kind of a thank you. I tried to go lighter with this one to, the title track is about relationships and our continuing involving perception of relationships.

Keith Richards released his first solo album in 23 years. You didn’t take quite as long … but it still was over half a decade between your albums. Why did you decide to wait to release I Do?

JH: To be honest the music was ready a while ago it was just trying to find a good time to release it. My biggest gig right now is my kids but I also had a few acting jobs in between so we were really waiting for a good time where we could devote all of our energy to touring and releasing the album. The songs were written not to long after the first one so we have just been waiting for the right door to open so we can present it the way we really wanted to.

What’s more nerve racking: going to an audition in front of a lot of executives or playing a song you wrote for the first time to somebody?

JH: For the first time? I’m getting nervous just thinking about it! It is terrifying to play your own song for somebody for the first time but it is also the most exciting thing you can do. Maybe I am a little more nervous to play my song for the first time but it’s also a heck of alot more enjoyable.

Your album has a lot of great musicians and producers on it. Is there anybody you would like to work with for your next album?

JH: If I could really dream, If I could work with anybody it would be ‘The Boss’. If I could collaborate with Bruce Springsteen, he is in just such a class of his own. His lyrics are just so anthemic.

You have a guest spot on Madame Secretary. What was that experience like?

JH: I was very excited to get this part on Madame Secretary. First off I really love Téa Leoni I think she is a tremendous actor and is very direct. She never has a false moment. She is just the kind of person I would just love to hang out with based on every part I have seen her play. I have met her a few times and she is just a down to earth funny as hell chick.