Ex-Platinum Blonde frontman starts Still Eighteen with wife & daughter

Toronto and Dominican Republic-based rockers Still Eighteen reveal their newest single and video, “Carnivore” — available now!

Fronted by longtime musician Joey Ciotti (Platinum Blonde, Trixie Goes Hollywood), the band also features his wife Karen, and their daughter Samantha.

Ditch whatever image of warm n’ fuzzy, sing-songy-centric tunes you might expect; instead, imagine a parallel universe where Jack and Meg White have a badass baby that grows up to join them on bass.

“Carnivore” falls firmly in line with Still Eighteen’s signature hard-hitting style — dubbed “rock protest trio” by Emerging Indie Bands Blog — following their debut EP Bullets to Dust’s focus on themes like war, greed, and environmental degradation.

Co-written by Joey and Samantha, and inspired by today’s arguably overly materialistic society, a listen through “Carnivore” reveals a driving alt. rock song that satirically depicts a man’s insatiable greed with no regard for the consequences.

“Music has been my dream since I was four years old, and I have been following the ups and downs of it ever since,” says Joey. “But now, music has a new significance for me… I remember seeing Mick Jagger on TV in his studio, singing with his daughter, and I thought: ‘I want to do that…. I want to be in a band with my daughter.’

“Samantha was only a small child at the time, but I held onto the vision. Here I am in Still Eighteen with my precious daughter, and my amazing wife, too!”

Karen feels the same way. “Having the opportunity to be in this band with my best friends in the world — Joey and Samantha — is a dream.”

Karen herself serves as an additional beacon of inspiration when it comes to pursuing one’s dreams and passion.

“I’m so inspired by the fact that my mom learned an instrument later in life, and loves it,” says Samantha. “My parents rock!”

Initially a fan in the crowd, Karen caught Joey’s eye at a Toronto-area gig and instantly knew he was ‘the one.’ Over the course of dating, marriage, and having their daughter, the pair had long dreamt of living life at a more tropical pace, specifically in the Dominican Republic, having explored the island on rusty, rented motorcycles during multiple vacations.

Their life-changing move to a small, coastal town in the D.R. best known for its kite-surfing, had a profound effect on the whole family. “It really expanded our world view,” Karen recalls. This new perspective ignited Joey’s creative inspiration and his songwriting flourished.

With such free and musical spirits at the helm, it was predestined that Samantha would catch the musical bug; at age eight, she started an all-girl rock band, Crush, and frequently opened for Joey’s band across island gigs. She started playing bass and writing her own material in her pre-teens, with her skills expanding to co-writing status alongside her dad, including “Carnivore”, and previous releases such as “Bullets & Dust” and “You Hit Me Like A Drug.”

“When I was younger, I never really fit in with kids my age,” Samantha muses. “I went to an International school for the first seven years of living in the Dominican Republic, and I was bullied a lot. At 13, I had to wear a back brace every day to school for my scoliosis, and the bullying got to the point where I decided to switch to online education.

“This proved to be a blessing in disguise, as it gave me the time to write music and hone my craft.

“My dream is for Still Eighteen’s music to make a positive impact, and I hope our band will inspire people to pursue their dreams.”