How To Dress Well Announces Care Remixes EP

The Care Remixes EP, featuring reworks of songs from How To Dress Well’s 2016 album Care, will be out July 28 via Weird World. Featuring edits from CFCF, Porches, James Ferraro, Kamixlo, Ben Babbitt, and Nick Godmode, the EP shines a new light on the buoyant, sparkling pop of Care.

A note from Tom Krell, a.k.a. How To Dress Well, on the James Ferraro edit:

I wanted to introduce the Care remixes with James Ferraro’s take on “Anxious.” When I started planning my forthcoming installation “WE ARE ALL VERY ANXIOUS” in Los Angeles, it was really important to me to talk with James about the song, not only because his albums Far Side Virtual and Human Story Three inspired the track (as did Todd Haynes’ film Safeand Alexandra Kleeman’s novel You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine), but I knew he would understand the urgency and aesthetic berserkness that limns the pure bubbly pop of the song. I think James’ remix is really brilliant.

The other remixes give a clue as to where my music is headed right now, as I work on my fifth record. It will be a much more metaphysical record, more ontological than ontic, and it’s oriented towards experimental electronic and dance music and much more connected to the ambient core of the How To Dress Well project.

I’m really happy to share this remix friend pack with you all and really looking forward to showing you some new music soon!