DeMar DeRozan Blasts Sports Illustrated

DeMar DeRozan took his furstration over his player ranking to Twitter on Tuesday.

The 2-time All-Star sent a tweet saying ‘F SI’. The tweet is in response to them ranking him 36.

In the article they citize his lack of 3 pointers.

Considering that DeRozan can’t spot up from the three-point line (as of yet) and almost never cuts, his only real value to an offense comes with the ball in his hands.

The article cuts deep with one of the final lines cutting straight to the heart.

For five straight years, the Raptors have performed better with DeRozan off the floor.

The site ranked him  No. 46 in their Top 100 NBA Players of 2017 list, up from No. 61 the year before. Last year when they ranked him 46 he sent out a tweet.

This could be good news for Raptors fans. When the rankings came out last year DeRozan had a monster start to the season having multiple 40 point games.

Jonas Valanciunas was ranked No. 80 on SI’s list, while fellow Raptor Serge Ibaka finished 56th.