Connor Morand’s Newest Single”Believe” Released

After releasing  “Everything Is Gold” a powerful, vocal-driven alternative pop song at the beginning of May, Connor Morand is now releasing “Believe” a song focused around the idea of a long-distance relationship and the struggle that often ensues being in one. Its layered guitar tracks and distinct vocal riffs make for a powerful tune.

“ Both “Everything Is Gold” and “Believe” explore two different words relating to that, so content-wise, it made sense to release them so close together – EIG being about the idea of finding someone (or something) and having life fulfillment (becoming ‘gold’) and Believe expressing the often struggle that happens during a long distance relationship with someone you truly care about.” Mentioned Connor.

About Connor Morand:

Connor Morand is a multi-talented Canadian singer/songwriter who has been playing the guitar and performing since the age of 11. Now, at 23 years old, Connor has matured into a solid composer having written music for TV & film as well as performing on radio, live events, conferences, and various musical venues. After his debut album release in 2012, “Matter of Fiction”, Connor was named one of the “Top Seven Atlantic Canadian Artists to Watch”. A native of London, Ontario, Connor has also lived over a decade in Atlantic Canada including Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick before returning to Ontario where he now resides. He has been fortunate to share the stage with Maritime powerhouses The Divorcees, Andy Brown and Christine Campbell to name a few.

He is no stranger to the performance scene either, having just come off a worldwide tour through Europe and Asia in late 2016/early 2017, playing in over eight different countries including Germany, Italy, Thailand and Malaysia. He has written about being an international artist in his newest publication as a contributing author, “Dreaming Big, Being Bold”, which has achieved international best-seller status on Amazon.