Cavs Collapse In Final Minutes. Warriors Take 3-0 Lead

For at least 24 minutes Game 3 of the NBA Finals were enjoyable to watch. After watching one-sided games and a lack of competition during the playoffs it was a game fans were waiting for.

In the 1st quarter the Golden State Warriors set a new record in the playoffs for 3s. They made nine from beyond the arc, with two of those coming from Steph Curry in the final 2 minutes. There was intensity between the teams with LeBron James sinking 18 points in just 11 minutes.  We even saw a dunk from Kyle Korver, when is the last time we saw Korver dunk! He has only had 16 dunks in his career and the last time he saw eye to eye with the rim in the playoffs was in 2011. The Golden State Warriors were in the business of making turnovers they had 11 turnovers before the half and were still up by three points. At that point in the game Steph only had 6 points and didn’t see a lot of minutes. The Cavs were in trouble.

The Cavs got the final bucket going into the half after a dumb play by Zaza Pachulia who committed an offensive foul when the Warriors were running out the clock. At the half the Warriors had 12 made 3s in the 1st half which is the most by any team in a single have in NBA Finals history. They also had 23 made baskets with 21 of them assisted. Kevin Durant, Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 51 1st-half points, their most in any half this postseason.

James moved into 4th place on the Finals all-time scoring list with his eyes now set on Michael Jordan. But at the half, the Cavs were just 7-25 from outside the paint. They needed to hit some jumpers to relieve pressure on James and Kyrie Irving who were driving to the net.

That they did, Kevin Love was on fire in the third having three offensive rebounds in a matter of seconds and Kyrie was playing at another level. For the first time in the series the Cavs had the lead in the 3rd quarter and had a double digit lead in the 4th. Then the wheels came off, the Warriors grinded James and Kyrie the entire game and fatigue set in. The Warriors went on an 11-0 run and kept the Cavs off the scoreboard in the final three minutes.

Missing again in the game was Cavs player Tristan Thompson who had 0 points, 0 shot attempts and 3 rebounds Wednesday night. He was out-rebounded by Steph curry through 2 1/2 games. Irving and James combined for 77 on 31-58 shooting and the Warriors finished with 18 turnovers.

The Warriors closed on an 11-0 run to beat the Cavs 118-113 and go to 15-0 in the post season. The shot that took the Warriors over the Cavs was a 3-point dagger by Durant. Unreal.