Canada’s Kelita Zupancic Discusses Her Time At The Rio Olympics

There are many famous quotes about life changing in a second to chose from when trying to make a point. ‘There are moments that in a split second your life changes forever, and before you know it… you’re somewhere else.’

Sure that quote may be from a fictional character named Derek Shepard who is no longer on the show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ but it still holds true to Whitby, Ontario native Kelita Zupancic.

The 26-year-old judoka just missed an olympic medal by 1 second.

“It’s been an extremely emotional journey to say the least,” Zupancic said on Tuesday after arriving in Toronto. “Words really cannot express the moment.”

Zupancic needed to immobilize her opponent for 15 seconds but was unable to and at 14 seconds saw her chances of advancing to a medal match fade away.

“It’s been emotional. I think having my friends and family with me in Rio and having them go through the same emotions though was pretty special.”

This was not Zupancic’s first Olympics, she was part of the Summer Games in London four years ago where she tied for ninth place. It was just last year that she captured the gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

Although her loss in Rio is almost incomprehensible, Zupancic has no regrets.

“The Olympic games are always life changing, it’s truly the most phenomenal experience.”

She is also hoping to represent Canada again in four years. “It is the first thing I was asked when I came off the mat. I’ll definitely be working towards going to Tokyo in 2020, i’m looking forward to it.”