BROS Discuss The Blue Jays And Changes They Hope To See

The Home Run Derby is just a few hours away and before the bats are swinging, Sportainment TV had the chance to speak with the men behind the new group BROS.

Decked out in their matching Blue Jays jerseys with silky long hair they looked like two suave player cards from the 1970’s. Ewan and Shamus Currie are the masterminds behind the hit song “Tell Me” from their album Vol.1 that has been on repeat in our office and stations across North America. Yes, they are also behind the successful group The Sheepdogs.

Besides their musical brilliance, they love baseball and the Blue Jays.

What are your thoughts on the MLB All-Star Weekend and the home run derby?

Shamus Currie {SC}: I will tune in, but I am more of the regular season guy. The All Star game is a little too much about the pageantry and I want to see some competition.

Ewan Currie {EC}: I actually find the home-run derby really boring. watching guys just hit batting practice dingers is not interesting to me .

You’re both baseball fans and besides today have been know to sport some Jays gear. There are a lot of rumours surrounding the team and potential trades. What would you like to see happen before the trade deadline?

SC: I would like to hang on to [Josh] Donaldson. I know he is having sort of down year this year but he was MVP and was one of the best players on the team the last few years. We’ve got to build around him.

EC:I’d like to keep ol’ JD. I don’t know about [Troy] Tulowitzki, he’s done. Tulo-done-ski.{laughs}

If you take any Sheepdogs and BROS song out of consideration, what would be your walk up song?

SC: I’ve had a long standing gag that my walk-up song would be ‘Aqaulung’ by Jethro Tull. It’s just because it has the great opening riff, it would be a great cheesy jam to walk up to the plate to.

EC: Mine would be the James Brown song “The Boss”, it goes ‘I paid the cost to be the boss’.

Shamus you actually threw out the first pitch at a Jays game not long ago, what was that experience like? Were you nervous?

SC: I’ve been telling everyone it’s been like a little league fantasy for me to throw out the first pitch. I was trying not to get to nervous about it, but I was pretty excited. It’s an awesome opportunity, being a Saskatchewan kid coming to Toronto and getting to do that was great.

Watch what they had to say about the state of the Raptors and the NBA:

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