Bills Discuss First Win In The McDermott Era

The Buffalo Bills have had a lot of changes in the off-season leading to more excitement and curiosity of the team. One of the new hires that is getting most of the attending is new Head Coach Sean McDermott. This past week he became just the second Bills coach to win his debut on ‘Kickoff Weekend’.

Here is a transcript on his and other players thoughts on the first win.

Q: How do you feel?

A: I feel good. I feel good. Very thankful, very thankful. Thank God for the win. Praise God. That was a great team victory. Thank Terry and Kim [Pegula for] giving us the resources that they give us. Just like I said, it was an entire building win. Good to win as a team and extremely proud of the players the way they played. It’s never easy to win in this league and they played hard for four quarters. I certainly appreciate that. I also appreciate the fans. Four quarters, hanging in there with us. The intensity, the energy in this building was outstanding. Outstanding. To carry that for four quarters, I can’t thank them enough. It’s great to play at home, and we look forward to seeing them in a couple weeks here.

Q: There were plenty of positives to take away from this game, but what do you think needs improvement heading into Carolina?

A: Oh, man. I’ve got a long list. I was making a list during the game. I’ve got a long list. This is one win. Let’s keep things in perspective. This is one win. It was a team win and I’m extremely proud of that. That said, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Fundamentally, we’ve got a lot of work to do [along with] getting some other things corrected. I’ll know more tomorrow after I maybe take a look at the film tomorrow morning.

RB LeSean McCoy(Led the team with 159 scrimmage yards and passed the 12,000-scrimmage yards mark for his career.Recorded his 34th career 100-yard game and 11th with the Buffalo Bills)

Q: What was the reaction in the locker room like with Coach Sean McDermott picking up his first win as a head coach?

A: Well, of course he deserved the game ball. Sean McDermott is a leader. A lot of coaches can be great coaches, but some of them lack leadership. I think that’s something he brings. The best thing about him I think is his leadership. You know we follow him so it’s cool to see him get his first win. It’s big for the team, its big for him. I think many more in the future.

Q: 12,000 total yards of scrimmage in your career and you’re starting to recognize your place in the game, not just in this league right now.

A: Just got to keep pushing man, keep pushing. Get more wins. With wins, numbers come with it. And that’s the mindset man. Just trying to lead this team in the right direction. We have all the right pieces. I think we have good teams, mostly good teams. They have a good defense and that defense over there is solid. For a while the Seahawks, in that era with the Niners and (Jim) Harbaugh. You know, they ran the ball well, had big plays here and there. And the defense was solid, you know, 10 to 14 points that’s it. I felt the same way with our team. It was built on having a solid, aggressive defense from the front end to the back. And then with the offense, you want to put points up, move the ball in the running game, make big plays here and there. You know that’s our game, we’re going to fight till the end.

Q: LeSean, you’ve been with Tyrod for quite a while now and where do you think this game, how did he do this game compared to what we’ve known from him?

A: Just today, his leadership. Naturally Tyrod is a quiet guy and today he was very vocal. Times where we needed him to speak up, “Hey, quit the turnovers, quit the penalties, let’s make plays. Tell the guys, look for me come to you on different jobs.” So his leadership has really, I think, jumped you know from when I first met him, to trying to just make the team to making this team behind him. So I think the biggest jump is his leadership.