Bautista Has Record-Tying Performance Nobody Will Want To Beat

For Blue Jays fans the season can’t end quick enough. The team has been out of the playoff race for months now and they have seen most of the teams prospects come and go. There are dozens of story lines to follow this upcoming offseason including moving on from Jays star Jose Bautista.

On what will most likely be his final season with the team, Joey Bats is going out swinging. Seriously, maybe swinging too hard. On Monday night he tied the Blue Jays all-time single-season strikeout record with lucky number 159.

He is currently is tied for first in the not so flattering category with Jose Canseco (1998) and Kelly Johnson (2012)

Michael Saunders 157 2016
Fred McGriff 149 1988
Colby Rasmus 149 2012
Alex Gonzalez 149 2001
J.P. Arencibia 148 2013
Russell Martin 148 2016
Jesse Barfield 146 1986

How many homers does he have this season? 22